Feasting and Fasting during Navratri

2015-10-21 14:08:01

Feasting and Fasting during Navratri

Navratri… High time for the people who loves to play the dandia and high time for the people who enjoy the feast by keeping the fast. Keeping fast on this auspicious religion occasion not only shows emotion, but scientifically too it is very important.    

Fasting actually detoxify and cleanses our body system. If you are also fasting, then these are the quick tips for you to follow:

  • Drink a lot of water. Drink as much as you can. Also, increase the intake of liquid in form of fresh fruit juices, milk etc. This will allow the toxins to be washed out.
  • Fasting is not much easy. If you are not eating anything for long hours, then it could lead to acidity, which in turn is not good for your metabolism. Small intake of falahaari food or snacks and water in the interval of every 2-3 hours is the first rule of fasting.
  • You can eat dry-fruits like makhana and cashew in raw or roasted form or even can use this in any falahaar recipe.
  • You can also include yoghurt or raita in your diet. This will have soothing effect on your body.
  • Paneer is usually all time favorite thing of everyone. Make something using it, as it is easily digestible and rich in calcium.
  • Sabudana and Potato are again in the top chart of the people who are fasting. Various falahaari dishes can be made by using this. But if you do not have time to prepare anything for yourself, then Aakash Namkeen have wide variety of falahhar available for you, in namkeen as well as sweets category.
  • Fruits are advised to be taken in regular days. Then think how beneficial they are during fasting. Don’t forget to add them in your daily diet.

So, the basic fundamental during Navratri Fasting is finding the healthy and falihaari substitutes of eating to ensure that you will get all nutrition, your body needs.

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