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2015-11-09 16:20:41

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Happy Navratri

2015-10-13 11:38:30

Happy Navratri

May this Navratri bring- Shanti, Shakti, Samppati, Swaroop, Saiyyam, Sadgi, Safalta, Samriddhi, Sanskaar, Swasathya, Sammaan, aur Sneh in your lif...

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Aakash namkeen

With the ease of technology, the world gets closer. Same applies to Namkeen too. Just on a single click, your favorite namkeen is available online.

However, Aakash namkeen is right now restricted to Indore. No matter where you live in Indore, need namkeen at home or want it at office, you can order from anywhere from online store of Aakash Namkeen. It is well known for its unique taste and pure quality.

Cottage industry to modernization

Established in 1932, Aakash Namkeen has successfully captured the soul of Malwa culture and the essence of Indore in the taste of variety of Aakash Namkeen and sweets. It begun as cottage industry and soon with a vision, experience and expertise, we envisioned the emerging needs and trends of the market and was the first to adopt mechanization. This was evolution from cottage industry to modernization. Today the company has one of the best state-of-the-art plants producing products of international standards. This is the reason for the Aakash Namkeen's national and international success.

From Indore to round the Globe

We have Quality in our mind, and that’s why we procure best quality raw materials, quality processing & committed for customer satisfaction. Aakash Namkeen has received overwhelming response from customers across the globe. The export volume boasts of the ever-increasing demand from to U.S.A., Europe, Middle East and Africa. We develop namkeen as per recognized safety measures and committed to deliver authentic namkeen to the namkeen lovers.

Idea behind online store

The idea of selling snacks and savouries online isn’t a new one. Big brands of namkeen are already doing it. We are into online store because we want to provide best and easy services to our customers. On our online store you will get the product range with their details, pricing, packaging in which they are available etc. We have created an online store because there’s tremendous potential for food and savouries in the e-commerce segment.

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Dry fruits

Dry fruits are small but are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. Every diet specialist always recommends a number of dry fruits in our diet in order to keep us healthy and fit. You will find just umpteen varieties in dry fruits such as raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, dates and also the list goes on. Dry fruits possess a large amount of medicinal properties because of the ample amount of nutrients which are present in them.


Here are some of the benefits of dry fruits:-


Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

A variety of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts reduces the risk of heart diseases and promote overall cardiovascular health. Walnuts have substantial amount of omega-3 which regulates formation of plague in blood vessels and prevents erratic heart beats. Dates help protect our heart from atherosclerosis which causes heart attacks and strokes.


Prevents cancer from developing

Almonds are said to have properties that control tumor growth and suppress breast cancer by reducing growth of cells which are exposed to cancer causing agents. Cashews are rich in antioxidant properties which help control free radicals, one of the major causes of cancer.


Slows down the process of aging

Including this in your daily diet can slow down your aging process and give you a healthy glowing skin. Such as walnuts nourish dry skin and give skin a flawless texture. Pistachios protects your skin from harmful UV rays, slows premature aging by neutralizing free radicals.


Controls blood pressure

As per a study, daily intake of almonds, raisins and pistachios helps control blood pressure. Raisins neutralize acids present in blood and pistachios stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Strengthens bones

Like almonds, figs and walnuts are rich in calcium which strengthens your bones. Mix almonds with other dried fruits or milk, to get daily doses of calcium.


Manages weight

If you are planning to reduce your weight start eating this, as a substitute snack. Such as cashews contain fiber and high energy properties which control your appetite. However, few dry fruits like dates and raisins help in weight gain and in treating anemia.


In conclusion, this are nutrient-rich food that can help you stay healthy in the long run and protect you from a number of diseases. If you want to include this in your everyday diet, you can try snacks that are prepared with dry fruits. At Aakash Namkeen, you will get variety of dry fruits snacks. So, don’t wait, order your favorite dry fruit snacks today and enjoy the taste & quality.

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